Year End Checklist for QuickBooks Users

New Year is round the corner and that surely means that this year is coming to an end. And with the year-end comes the numerous responsibilities as a company, entrepreneur, employer and employee to complete your pending task, mark the ideologies followed this year, account all the loss and profits, devise the schemes for new year, the employee benefit plans etc. Are you sure you shall be able to remember each of the requirements of the government, their guidelines, Income Tax, The employee benefits etc. and complete it on time? Sounds impossible right? And so there is a need to make a checklist for your accounts and requirements of the business and what better than the QuickBooks checklist for basic and enhance payroll.

The QuickBooks Basic and Enhanced Payroll

Making it easier for the accountants and the employers to sort their accounts and bring clarity in their business, QuickBooks Looks after each aspect of your business and helps you manage it all easily and fast. Thus when we talk about QuickBook Payroll plans it is about the checklist and the sheets which has been designed so that you don’t have to work too much on data preparation and just feeding of the employee salaries and other vital details will help you make a decisive data of all the employees at a go. This shall help in calculating the taxes to be paid too. QuickBooks offers Basic and enhanced payroll for your convenience.

The Year End Checklist for Basic and Enhanced Payroll

Of course year end work is going to be tiring and with all the celebrations around you will need to finish your work on time to enjoy the festivals. This checklist ensures that you do not miss out on any important work and finish your work way before the Santa rings the bell.

There are a few things that need to be done to generate the final forms with accuracy and perfection. They are:

  • Install the latest payroll update to match the government guidelines
  • You should turn on the Automatic Updates of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to not miss out any important update
  • Order year end supplies
  • Check the active employee list properly
  • Year-end bonus needs to be decided and fed in the forms
  • Check the terminate employee data list
  • Employee benefits program reviews and verification
  • Recheck the employee wages, work hours, sick time, vacation hours etc.
  • Check the Insurance rates of State Disability and State Unemployment.
  • Verify the vendor information according to 1099 forms for filling

Keeping the important dates of filing the forms and so keep in mind the deadlines for the forms like:

  • Form W-2
  • Form W-3
  • Form 941 (4th Quarter)
  • Form 943
  • Form 944
  • Form 940 for payments
  • 1099 MISC Forms

Do remember to calculate the holidays and add to your checklist too.
Keeping the checklist handy will ensure that you do not miss out on any information and close the yearly books of accounts well and start your new year fresh.

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