Working With Leads in QuickBooks


Leads are the prospects that represent the first stage in the sales process. It could be a person who has not yet been qualified and might be interested in the product or service that you have to offer.

You can possibly introduce your services to your leads, like sending out more information about your product or service, following up on the questions of your prospects or just simply taking the next step in your sales process. If you have done good in enticing your leads they could later on become your customers.

In QuickBooks you may open Lead Center to work with leads, by choosing Customers then Leads Center. You may click on New Lead, when a dialog box appears, enter a name for your lead. In the Status field, classify your leads as Hot, Warm or Cold, so that you would know which one to deal with first.

Once you have created the leads view them in the Lead Center List. You can then search for your specific leads by typing part of the leads name on the Find box. You can edit these leads by double clicking the lead in the Lead Center list.

Things you need to do on the lead can be logged in on the To Do section when you click on the To Do tab. Add notes about the lead by clicking on the Notes tab and then Add Notes. If you want to turn your lead into a customer, right click on the Leads list and choose “Convert to a Customer” then click OK.

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