Working With Jobs in QuickBooks


Customers and jobs are two distinct components in QuickBooks that determine your profit and business movement.

To create an independent job in QuickBooks, you can click on the List menu, then click on Customer and Vendor Lists and then Job Type List. If you completed more than one job for a customer you must create a sub-entry that would contain information on the job you are putting together.

On the Job Type option, click New. Here, you may enter the name of a job you provide. If you need to put in details on a single job category, us Job’s category name. Then, create another job, click “Subtype of”. This will be the main category you created, then click OK.

To be able to Add Jobs to Customers, click on Customer Center and activate the “Customer & Jobs” tab. right click the customer you want to add a job to and select “Add Job.” Enter the name on the New Job window. Click on the Address Info tab and verify the information. This keeps your record accurate and confirms the customer’s identity.

Click the Job Info tab and choose the status, and the end date for the job. Enter a description to the job which appears on the Customer Job List reports. Click OK.



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