Windows error was “This File Exists” The File You Specified Cannot be Opened

QuickBooks, as one of the best accounting tools, automates most of the corporate functionalities. It helps businessmen in having the accurate and fastest result from every task. As QuickBooks has lots of advanced features in its latest version, several companies have started downloading it for their business works. However, unfortunately, the software can show you error message, while you are dealing with one of its features. When you are trying to access a specified file, the app may not open it.

QuickBooks Error "The file Exist"s

You can face the issue, while

  • Installing the update for payroll
  • Paying liabilities
  • Opening any federal or state-regulated forms

On the error message, Intuit may recommend you that the file is perhaps in read-only mode. Or, it is run by a different program. We have also noticed that the users find this type of error while their Windows OS cannot install all the latest updates, released from QuickBooks. Perhaps, the major factor behind it is the settings of Account Control or user permissions, and it is applicable for almost all Windows versions, including 7, 8 and Vista.

The simplest way for resolving the problem is to let your system restart its operation. From Account settings, you can manage the options. It will perhaps solve your issues; however, while you are still facing the error, you need to repair your software.
In order to solve the problem, you have to deal with one sample company file. If this file also causes the previous error, you should restart the PC to adjust your Windows OS version.


Steps to Solve Error for Windows Vista

  • Choose Start button of Windows OS and then hit the tab- Control Panel
User account settings in Windows Vista

User account settings in Windows Vista

  • You will find another option- User Accounts. Click it and a new window will get opened
  • You can find a hyperlinked message. Go to that option and adjust the Account Control system
  • At this step, you have to see whether there is a tick mark small box beside QAC tab. While it is already selected, you have to uncheck it, and press OK.
  • If needed, it is also better to restart your system


Solution for Windows OS 7

Now, for Windows version 7, the steps are little different.

  • You have to consider the desktop space for opening UAC tab
  • Then, you will get Control Panel
  • In a small box, enter the word- UAC. After clicking on it, you can settings of User Account

Deactivate UAC in Windows

  • To deactivate UAC, you have to move a slider to the notification panel. If you get notification for confirmation, you have to input the password. And after that, you can disable that option after restarting the system. For activating UAC option, you have to toggle this slider.


Setting Windows Permissions Correctly

You have to start the process after closing QuickBooks

  • Go to your C: drive and then Program Files
  • On Intuit folder, you have to give a right click
  • From Properties tab, find Security option
  • Then, choose Advanced tab to click on the option- Owner
  • Hit Users tab and then detect whether the option Full Control is checked
  • Leave that folder by clicking on OK button

Thus, depending on your Windows version, you may follow the above steps to solve QuickBooks error.

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