Voiding Invoices and Other Line Items


Simply locate the invoice and click on it. There will be a pop up that will give you an option to “Void Invoice”. But before voiding an invoice, you need to create your template.

First click on the customize button on the right of the form and then click manage templates button. Choose the Copy button to make a copy of the template, then, change the template name to “Void Invoice” in the Template Name Box then click OK to close the window. Since there will be a big “PAID” stamp that will be stamped on the Invoice when you void it, you may be able to uncheck the “Print Status Stamp” box, then select Additional Customization.

Click the Layout Designer button then a form label that says “Invoice” will appear, you can change that to be “Void Invoice.” Save your changes after this and you can use this template for all your void invoices.

It is noteworthy though, that if you want to apply this “void template” to your invoices before you actually void them, for you to eliminate the “paid ” stamp. Also, if you have a standard set up you will not be able to see the invoice voided, you will have to note it first on Customer Center.

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