Viewing Reminders for Overdue Invoices


Maintaining the books of accounts perfectly does not only mean to enter all the data and prepare the profit and loss account at the end of the year. It also involves the analyzing of the accounts, their balances, the outstanding as well as carry forward of the same to begin the next New Year in closest proximity to the year gone by. QuickBooks understands the need of the finest of detailing in the accounts and so makes it easy through its varied features to solve all our needs to maintain the books of accounts with utmost details and mechanism. When you feed in details of individual accounts of customers, creditors or debtors, it is essential to keep a check on their accounts and balance it to carry their outstanding to the next year.

How to view reminders for overdue customer balances?

This is the easiest and quickest way to track the customer invoices which are overdue. All you have to do is go to the Home Page of QuickBooks and click the clock button on the right hand side upper corner. This button represents the reminders. In the reminders menu you will find all the list and reminders that you have created as well as important document details which have to be filled, or payment that has to be made etc.

You have to choose the ‘Overdue Invoices’ drag down button to see the number of customer invoices overdue for payment. On clicking any of them you will be guided to the referred invoice and have the option to resend the invoice to the customer, print the invoice etc. to ask the customer to make the payment soon.

How to check the overdue customer invoices and their due dates?

Checking any data or detail about the customer is to be done by going to the Customer Information Center from the Home Page of QuickBooks. This is the place where all the details of each of your customer is gathered along with the minutest of details of transactions with them. On the customer lost you shall be able to see the customers with positive balance which means the payment has been overdue. You can filter this list by selecting either of the following:

  • ‘Customers with open balances’ – The list of customers who have their payments pending
  • ‘Customers with overdue invoices’ – The list of customers who have overdue payments
  • ‘Customers with almost due invoices’ – The list of customers whose payment date is approaching.

You can select their invoices and open it up to resend the invoice through mail or get it printed for settling the account with manual sending another copy.

QuickBooks understands that settling accounts with customers from past year is essential to negotiate loss and get the revenue you earned from transactions you did last year in cash. With the help of these simple tools QuickBooks helps in maintaining books of accounts with a comprehensive business approach to make your daily administering easier as well as to get your business solutions sorted.

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