Using the Snapshot, Insights, and Bill Tracker Tools

The snapshot feature is most useful when you want to preserve the state of the virtual machine so you can return to the same state repeatedly. To simply save the current state of your virtual machine, then pick up work later with the virtual machine in the same state it was when you stopped, suspend the virtual machine. You can take a snapshot of a virtual machine at any time and revert to that snapshot at any time. You can take a snapshot while a virtual machine is powered on, powered off or suspended. A snapshot preserves the virtual machine just as it was when you took the snapshot – the state of the data on all the virtual machine’s disks and whether the virtual machine was powered on, powered off or suspended.

Insights can be elusive and even the best ones can get lost when it comes time to do your strategy. A customer insight in its simplest form is an understanding of what drives customer behavior.  The key part of this definition is that an insight must relate driving behavior, without this link you cannot use the insight to effect change and achieve our objectives.  A second key part of this definition is that it doesn’t prescribe what it is that drives behavior.  Drivers of behavior can operate at the personal level like attitudes and beliefs, be driven by context triggers like a family and employment, or a combination of personal and contextual factors.  When looking for and integrating customer insights into the business it is important not to be prescriptive of what types behavior drivers are acceptable. Finally, while the definition uses the term ‘customer’, a customer can refer to buyers, users, distributors and stakeholders.

The Bill Tracker also lets you view a history of each bill payment, so you can see how much the amount for the bill payment has changed over time. This is a helpful tool if you’re trying to cut back on your spending in certain areas. When you’re ready to pay your bill, you can go to the Bill Tracker tool and click on the bill you want to pay. There’s a button to Pay Now and you simply fill in the details. You can also hook the bill up to our recurring transactions tool and have the transaction posted to your account each month automatically. The Bill Tracker lets you easily change the amount of the bill when you know the new amount due.



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