A Tour of QuickBooks Pro 2016 Interface


Here is the quick guide on how to use the interface of QuickBooks. This will help you to be familiar on the terminologies, the layout and the tools you need. These easy to access and operate windows with friendly messages and labels will help you to use QuickBooks conveniently.

At the very top of the screen, you will find a horizontal bar, containing drop down menus, or the menu bar. It is where you can access all the tools you needed that is basically can be found also in the center of the screen; plus any other tools that you may not find in the center.

Underneath the menu tab are two other tabs. The Home Page tab and the insights tab. Home Page tab is basically the center of the screen where you will find the tools and access for QuickBooks. While the insights tab is the company snapshots of what you are doing.

By simply watching the video, you are going to learn the basic information you need to learn on how to navigate the QuickBooks interface. It is built to provide convenience and prevent the users to be confused on how to use it. You just have to familiarize yourself in using the basic tools and access and you may use QuickBooks easily in no time.

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