How to Set up 1099 forms in QuickBooks


About the 1099 IRS form:

Out of the many forms required 1099 is one of the important form to be filed to the IRS. As a business you are required to prepare and file 1099 form for the expenses on bills paid to the vendors and subcontractors. There is a certain threshold defined by IRS every year to qualify for this return.

In Order to check this you can either visit the IRS website or go to QuickBooks, open your company file,

Click on edit > Preferences > Choose Tax:1099 form the left panel> click on the link where it says click here for “if you want to map your accounts to boxes on Form 1099-MISC” (which opens a 1099 filing wizard )> now it will take you to “Map vendor payments accounts window”.

Click on show IRS 1099-MISC filing threshold.

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