Salesforce Integration with QuickBooks

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a leading CRM software which offers a variety of services and products. Salesforce introduced itself as Software CRM Company. Now it offers variety of software solutions and a perfect platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software. This CRM product contains cloud-based solutions and application for mobile apps and other apps for marketing, service, sales and analytics.

Salesforce fulfil the basic needs of small medium and even large scale businesses. Many global users are using this innovative CRM and saving their workload which gives them more time to focus and invest time on other priority matters like customers and marketing trends. Salesforce automates the old going process make it more effective and efficient.

Has I mention above it is a cloud based software which make its ultra-effective and mitigate the major expenses like setting up systems on premises, large staff costly update packages and other maintenance and repairs.


Salesforce Mainly Offer In four different Products:

salesforce cloud

Marketing Clouds:

Make the most of every customer interaction contains all relevant ingredients which leads towards best marketing opportunities.

Sales Clouds:

Makings sales invoicing at a whole new level. New innovative software to engage customer and making the record like never before.

App Cloud:

Best for developers and business users to have all the tools they need to build apps fast with more innovation.

Service Cloud:

Interaction with the customer like never before providing them immediate support when needed and be connected with them and update with their activity relevant to business and provide your customers the help they deserve with faster, smarter service.


How Salesforce Integration helps you

QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce

After integration your sales data is connected to the accounting work. This process is a step toward greater good allowing the company to enjoy many perks like decision making is improved as u have data in one place more systematic way, know about the customer feedback in term of most call of service and other warranties claims, future forecast and variance analysis is improved which ultimately help in better purchasing when needed.

The integration can also:

Bring many more advantages to the organization. Time is saved due to avoidance of duplication of entered data which ultimately mitigate data entry errors. Only have to enter data once which will automatically update to the both software in their respective areas, mean also don’t need to hire bulky professional to carry out the task. You can stay close to the customer when all the information is at one place with one click we can track our valuable customers. Best part is all the sales trend analysis get more interesting user can get sales analysis as a whole or even for an individual customer too according to which organization can identify their potential and non-potential customers. Credit control department can benefit to, because they have an updated eye on credit limits for their customer and they now also have the detail of balances for of their customers.


Most common integrations between Salesforce and QuickBooks

Data flow from Salesforce to QuickBooks

Invoice coincide:

As we know that processing invoices and payment are done primarily in QuickBooks but the invoices are initiated in salesforce cloud when either payment received or paid so there are many practical integration areas between two. And there are other infinite scenarios other than mention below that user can experience during his needs

1. Routine payment received or paid invoices generated in Salesforce make a new in QuickBooks

2. Each time the deal is open or closed successful or unsuccessful will automatically create invoice in QuickBooks or not.

Account coincide:

Usually Non-profit organization use QuickBooks for invoicing and accounting purpose and the fund they gather are primarily recorded in salesforce, so for these organization point to note is they always update Salesforce force first which then automatically sync with QuickBooks. So common integration points are

1. New entries in new accounts in salesforce will automatically create new customer profile in QuickBooks this save a lot of time and keep data together

2. Any changes like e.g. removal of customer, new orders or any other update will automatically update the respective area in QuickBooks

Customer coincide: QuickBooks to Salesforce

For many companies around the world uses QuickBooks as their main application and it helps to maintain customer and invoice information. Salesforce is the CRM cloud software. The data and information from QuickBooks has to transfer over to Salesforce so that relevant staff or employee can have access to all the same data in Salesforce. The two common integration areas are

1. Fresh Customer in QuickBooks will create a new account in Salesforce

2. A revised customer in QuickBooks, will update the respective account in Salesforce.


How to integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks

Although I have told that why it is necessary to integrate Salesforce with your Quickbooks and which information it integrates for you now it’s the time to learn how to do this, well for that you just have to use a third party application to integrate your Quickbooks with your salesforce as there is not any application in Intuit apps store available for this.

Workato has developed an application for the integration of salesforce with QuickBooks and it does a lot of work for you and is highly recommended, you can reach that application by the following link.


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