Resolving QuickBooks Event ID 4 Unexpected Error 5 by Yourself

Almost majority of businesses and entrepreneurs today make the use of cloud to store their accounts. The ease of controlling the account from anywhere, transparency as well as better reporting of the cloud applications has led to this smart move in business accounting. The business managements rely on cloud computing and management of account also for the use of the same file by different authorized people so that better work can be done and that too with ease. This means that the file can be located anywhere and shall be readily opened by anyone who is authorized to do so. But in the recent error faced by QuickBooks it became difficult for users to work as the source file was not being opened a lot of time exclaiming “QUICKBOOKS EVENT ID 4 UNEXPECTED ERROR 5”.

What is the QuickBooks Event ID 4 Unexpected error 5?

This error basically is about the QuickBooks inability to open the source file and the errors happens to appear in its path which is caused due to .NET Framework 4.0 SP 1 or windows.

The error is preventing people from logging in to certain files and thus being a hindrance in the path of their account maintenance. This also means that the user who is trying to open the file currently has no access to the QuickBooks Company file or the data service does not have the proper coding for the file location. Hence the file is not being read properly.

How to fix the QuickBooks Event ID 4 Unexpected error 5?

To fix the issue the users must ensure that they have enables the necessary features of QuickBooks to make it work properly. As QuickBooks has a set of permissions and access to some of your data like banking accounts, the reports and file on your desktop etc. to make the accounting as well as working of the application possible. It is necessary to allow the software to have the permission of pulling data from the sources it requires. This will help the software to work with its optimum usage and thus make it easy for people to experience unhindered access to their files and folders.

How to resolve the QuickBooks Event ID 4 Unexpected error 5?

To resolve the error, follow the following steps.

  • On the start menu open the Programs and Features menu
  • Locate the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Highlight it and uninstall
  • Now restart the computer
  • Again, on the start menu open the Programs and features menu
  • On the Windows Features screen expand the .NET Framework and tick the boxes of 1st and second options on the Microsoft .NET 3.5
  • This shall install the .NET Framework again
  • Again restart the computer

Check on the steps of integration and start working with your QuickBooks again to confirm if the error has been corrected.
As the process helps in bringing seamless working between the computer and the software the error will be corrected after restarting the computer.

QuickBooks EVENT ID 4 Unexpected error 5 is just a computer and software integration problem which can be adjusted by you anytime.

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