Recovery of Lost QuickBook License and Product Details

Software has its influence over every field in this modern tech-savvy world. Technology has influenced us as human beings and has affected our lifestyles majorly. Technology is revolutionising the way offices run, schools function and we think. Technology is being moulded in a way that it suits every aspect of life. People of previous generations were found to be resistant towards this sounding influence of technology in our lives. Of late, it has been observed that even these technology resistant people, have succumbed to the benefits that science has to offer.

Technology has had its maximum impact in the way offices work. Software have resulted in cutting down of manpower and have also reduced work for those at offices and banks.

Here we are looking into a very specialised software called QuickBooks which is widely used for accounting. It has been ideally designed for easing out accounting work for small businesses. It’s a favourite amongst users because of its easy-to-use nature. One of its advantages is that it covers every sector of the business in a very simple yet efficient manner.

The main features of this software include:

  • Organization of all data in a single place
  • Easy navigation throughout the software
  • Common accounting jobs can be done very quickly
  • Provision of using advanced tools as and when needed
  • Recording sales and managing payments
  • Send invoices and create sales receipts
  • Provision to create sale receipts and send invoices
  • Recurring invoices incorporated with reminders can be set up
  • In-depth sale reports can be generated within seconds
  • Keeping track of expenditure in the business
  • Records of purchases, expenses and bills can be maintained securely
  • Payments can be done by debit, credit cards or check
  • Run expense reports, profit and loss and more
  • Expense reports can be simulated easily and profits and losses can be tracked easily
  • Easy connection of credit card accounts and bank accounts
  • Bank transaction documents get downloaded automatically
  • Reviewing and categorising deposits and expenses are easy
  • Matching previous transactions with current transactions

How to recover credentials?

If access is lost to such an user-friendly tool, the entire business is in a soup. The methodology to retrieve the lost QuickBook license and product details must be known to all its users. When QuickBooks is purchased from the Intuit web store, an installer file is given to the user, which needs to be downloaded. Also a license and product number is provided. These details are available to the user in the webstore for a period of three years. After this period is over, the purchase records are removed from the webstore by Intuit.

In case, you have lost access to the information as a whole or if the access to the webstore is not available, then the user needs to run regedit. The register key needs to be viewed. This will contain entries like License Number and InstallId. These are the credentials you require to recover QuickBooks and product details.

Once you have recovered these credentials, QuickBooks will reinstate your previous working condition and you can continue your work without any hindrances.

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