QuickBooks Training and Support

Basic QuickBooks Training

We respect your training budget and as a result we strongly suggest new QuickBooks users take advantage of free and low cost basic training resources. Learning QuickBooks requires a time commitment regardless of the training format, free & low cost are words most business owners enjoy hearing. The advantage of purchasing low cost training materials is you can train at your convenience and retain the materials for future reference. We do offer basic training as needed however please consider the free/low cost alternatives first. We wants to HELP YOU learn QuickBooks in the most cost effective way possible.

1) QuickBooks tutorials are included in the program. You will notice a “Getting started” box on the right hand side of the QuickBooks home page. Included in the link is a video tutorial series that covers almost every topic you will need to know. It is important to understand that when you follow the proper procedures all the debits and credits are handled properly behind the scenes by the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks comes with several practice files that can be helpful in learning procedures without using your company data. Following the training video procedures in a practice file can be extremely helpful in learning QuickBooks.
2) “The official guide for QuickBooks users” by Leslie Capachietti is what I consider an essential read for new users and a handy reference book to help answer questions in the future. I have included a link to Amazon in the sidebar if you would like to purchase this book. I have also included several other training books and DVD series that might be of interest to a new QuickBooks user.

QuickBooks Training

We offers targeted training for QuickBooks and Enterprise Solutions users concentrating only on the issues you need help with. After you have taken advantage of the free/low cost resources it is likely you will have questions regarding specific procedures. We identify the areas you need help with prior to the training session and develop a targeted lesson plan.Onsite training is available at 35 dollars an hour with a four hour minimum, training via logmein is available for 40 dollars an hour with no minimum.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Training

We offers QuickBooks Point of Sale training but unfortunately there are few free and low cost training resources widely available for this product. The “User guide” included with the program is very limited HOWEVER Point of Sale has one of the most USEFUL help content pages of all the Intuit QuickBooks products. The layout presents every help topic available in an easy to use format. We provides training services for Point of Sale at the same 35 dollar an hour rate (onsite) as charged for QuickBooks training. Remote training is available via Logmein at 30 dollars an hour. Point of Sale set up clients receive training and additional training materials during the set up engagement.

QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks, Enterprise Solutions & POS Support Services

We offers ongoing support services for QuickBooks, Enterprise solutions and Point of Sale users. Ongoing support services are available in one hour blocks of time for 30 dollars each. You will always have a resource available for quick and correct answers to your QuickBooks questions. Support can be delivered via Logmein if you would like a “walk through” of a particular procedure or if you would like something set up for you. If you have a quick question, phone or e-mail support is available from 8am to 9pm Monday through Saturday.