QuickBooks Tools to Diagnose and Fix QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks is becoming complex and comprehensive day by day accountant make themselves updated with all of the new features but what about the people who are not advisors or professional in the field of accounting or IT and still use QuickBooks as the QuickBooks is the software solution for bookkeepers and data entry operators they may not have any knowledge about these fields but still they are user of it and manage things around for their clients. So QuickBooks has created some built-in tools by which a user can solve basic problem by just running some simple processes or just opening the Application like QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) we will talk about QuickBooks file doctor in detail later in this article.

There are a lot of 3rd party apps and services providers for QuickBooks users as well but with the passage of time Intuit has introduced some tools which will help user at the very instance they face a problem or meanwhile an error they use the tool if the problem is resolved that it is time to say thank you but if it persists then it is time to explore things or outsource the problem to get solution.


3 Categories of Tools:

Intuit has divided its tools into three (3) categories as of their use.

Tools for Company File related problems:

Company file is the most important part of your QuickBooks as it contains all of the company’s information, Financial Transactions and most importantly your configuration settings. Health of your financial data depends upon the health of your QuickBooks company file and to ensure its health there is a built in feature in QuickBooks which is “Verify Data Utility” we will also talk about it in brief later in this article.

QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD):

Intuit introduced QuickBooks file Doctor in 2012 against two 2 tools which perform 2 different functions which are QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool (QCFD) and QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool (QNCD) they diagnose and solve the problems in a company file related to data and network respectively Intuit combined these two tools into one and named it as QuickBooks File Doctor you can download it below.

You can also use built-in QuickBooks file doctor which is available from QuickBooks 2015 by navigating to File >> Utilities >> Repair File and Network Problems

Auto Data Recovery (ADR):

Basically Auto Data Recovery is a procedure not a tool by which you can restore your company file data from within your company file folder, although intuit has its support for data management named as Intuit data services but it takes several days to recover the data and yes off course they also charge for it so intuit made another good for us which is they incorporated the Auto Data Recovery inside your QuickBooks company file folder you can find how to recover data using Auto data recovery by following link.


Password Reset tool (Reset your company file password):

It is a simple tool that you can use to reset your QuickBooks company file password if you forgotten your password it will work on QuickBooks 2008 or later you must have the following information before you can reset your password:

  1. License Number
  2. Contact name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone number
  5. Post code

You can download the tool by the following link.



Tools for Installation Related Problems:

QuickBooks Clean Install Utility:

Clean install utility is a procedure or there are also some applications that helps you out to perform the clean install when you wanted to deleted all of the folders and files of a software and Re-install it again so that any bugs or problems that was in the previous installation don’t carried on with the newer installation as when you simply uninstall a program or an application for your System some of its folder remains in your C driver and when you install[ that application again it will use the existing files and folders but Clean install utility will clean all of the files and will create new files upon Re-installation, QuickBooks has provided QuickBooks Clean Install Utility specifically for QuickBooks you can find it by navigating to

File >> Utilities >> Clean Install

You can know about more Clean install utility in another article [please give here the link of clean install utility folder].

Tools for Account Related Problems:

Email Change Request:
You can request to change your QuickBooks email address by this link,

Transfer QuickBooks License to another user:
You can transfer your QuickBooks company license to another user you will find the information by the following link:

Every QuickBooks Tool has its own limitations so I must say that you should look for the information about the tool you are going to use this article is a brief explanation of each of the tool that Intuit is offering to know which tool can solve which problems.

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