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QuickBooks Software Integration

Integrated software solutions for QuickBooks & point of sale extend the capability of your accounting software. By selecting and implementing the correct software, business will see increased efficiency, process improvement and profitability.

What are integrated applications?

The popularity of Intuit Accounting software and Intuit’s release of its SDK (software develop kit) for desktop QuickBooks and Point of Sale has drawn a community of developers. Intuit’s later release of its IPP (Intuit partner platform) further increased the number of developers working on SaaS apps that integrate with QuickBooks. The objective of the QuickBooks software integration is to add capability to the QuickBooks accounting system and reduce data entry.

QuickBooks software integration functionality & safety

Business might have concerns regarding the safety and security of using a third party software application. Intuit has recognized this concern and all applications submitted for inclusion in the Intuit marketplace must meet Intuits standards and undergo a technical review. This review is to ensure the program functions properly and meets security requirements. There are applications available that have not been certified by the Intuit review process, While some of the products might work, our experience with the self proclaimed “QuickBooks compatible” applications has been less than stellar. Advanced QuickBooks Services avoids recommending software that has not been reviewed. In our opinion there is no reason why a software development company would not seek certification other than their product not being up to standards.


How We Can Help

The number of QuickBooks software integration applications is in excess of 400 programs and growing. The applications are designed to reduce “double data” entry, increase efficiency and improve your business process. There are multiple vendors selling similar applications, all with slightly different features and price points. The challenge for business is selecting the correct application for their business needs. An example is “Field Service management”; there are 36 different applications available with different features and functionality. How do you select the right one?

We offer QuickBooks software integration consulting services to help in this process. Sifting through the “marketing material” in order to identify specific features is a very time consuming task. The problem then becomes do you trust the marketing material? Having experience with many of the applications and reviewing hundreds of others we can efficiently identify potential solutions.

We will work with you to determine exactly what you need an application to do for your business. Armed with this information a list of potential solutions can be developed. User experience is a good indicator of a quality application and we will research to narrow the field further. Once the “short list” is developed they will be presented for your review. We charges 65 dollars an hour for Software integration services and these charges only apply to the time we spend working with your business. No fee is charged for researching new applications or user review research as this is benefiting our services for future clients.

QuickBooks Software Integration Support

Most applications have excellent support and documentation however if any assistance is required AQS can help. The install process is normally a matter of adding the program to your “Integrated applications” in QuickBooks preferences. If you need help setting up the application, adding additional accounts, items or want a review of the accounting entries made by the application, we are available for this work as well.

Sub Menus

Sub menus will be added to the main page over time to provide a general overview of what various applications can do. Specific applications will not be discussed due to the evolving application market and the difficulty in maintaining a list of the current “best” applications.


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