QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-User Setup

Simple Setup Instructions for Multi-User mode of QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks is a feature-rich software program, which is intended to simplify the tasks of managing sales, inventory, payroll and many other business-related works. This software comprises various tools for marketing and also the best solutions for training. All these solutions meet the needs of a range of industries.

However, QuickBooks users can choose any of the two available modes. One of them is the single-user, while the other one is the multi-user. This accounting and bookkeeping software system allow the exchange of information among multiple users. Whether you are using Windows or Mac PC, you can get these options so that you may choose one, depending on your needs.

Various modes available for QuickBooks users

QuickBooks POS Multi User Setup


The mode, allowing single-user system, provides the users with an opportunity of using one file at a time. However, for multiple-user mode, the users can access file from different other computers. As a user, you should sign in for activating this mode. And while logging in, you have to alter your mode for having the multiple-user accessibility. In this mode, while the users try to find their document, they sometimes get error message. However, with simple steps, they are able to solve these issues.


Important requirements that you must consider for using POS

In order to install only one workstation, you need to have RAM of minimum 4 GB. For disk space, only 1 GB is essential. However, it is better to have more space to store files. Another thing that you need is the processor (2.8 GHz). Windows versions, compatible for the configuration, are 10, 8 and 7.

For export and import of data and for integrating Ms Office, you need to use the right Ms Excel versions (2002, 2013, 2007 and 2003).

Now, we have described the steps, needed for setting up QuickBooks POS with the most advantageous multi-user mode.

Steps for getting the permissions of folder

  • Choose the serve and then give a right-click on your business folder, where you have stored your files.
  • After that got to another option- Properties
  • From Sharing button, you will be able to able to share your chosen folder
  • You can find the option- Permission. Choose Add from this tab
  • Enter the term- QBPOSdbsrvuser. The option- Full Control will allow you to accomplish the task.

Modifying firewall to deal with your QuickBooks POS

Windows Firewall Settings

If any security software creates a blockage of QuickBooks POS, the interruption is possible with the database server manager. It’s the capability of tracking transactions to your corporate folders. For configuring Firewall of your Windows computer, you should-

  • Access your run command and then go to your control panel
  • Choose Firewall by seeing the icon
  • Click on Rule from Advanced Settings
  • Set the connection and enter POS rule

Choose your Multi User accessibility to deal with QuickBooks POS

Multi User settings in QuickBooks

  • Go to File tab to get your document with Multiple User Mode
  • Hit the option- Preferences to choose Workstation
  • Put in the number, related to the workstation and then hit the option- Save


Thus, you should follow these steps to install QuickBooks POS. This simple guide will remove all your issues on the setup process. Use QuickBooks for your business purpose in an efficient way.

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