QuickBooks Integration with Magneto

QuickBooks Integration with Magneto

Magento is word not unknown to the modern businesses , ecommerce stage an online open market which provide the online opportunity to merchandise, to shop the items and buy whatever someone like and everything is just one click away.  Magento offers strong marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. We believe that Magento is one of the best invention of modern era a perfect place for online business.

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Today’s business is not just a single activity
an entrepreneur needs to be diversified and
must know about the every aspect of the business,
one must know about how to do marketing and
how to maintain a good relationship with
his business’s customers as there is a lot to
look around and the condition becomes worse when
there is a deficiency of One M out of required 4
which is Man, the operations must be automated,
in this very article I am going to show how to
integrate your Magento with Quickbooks and will
tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using both of
them in E-commerce industry and why one would adopt and shouldn’t adopt them.

As it is known that Quickbooks is used for the back-office functions like the accounting of the business and to complete the process of accounting the user or the one who is developing the accounts of that particular business going to need the information about what the business sell and what it has made by selling that and as Magento is a platform or you can say that acts as an Online Cart so it must be integrated with your accounting system which is Quickbooks.


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How to Integrate Quickbooks and Magento:

Intuit App Store:

To integrate Quickbooks Online with Magento there are several
applications available some are third party and some are also
available in intuit app store (apps.intuit.com).


Cloud Cart:

One of the mostly used solution to integrate Magento QuickBooks phone number
with Quickbooks Online is “Cloud Cart Connector“ this app
will help you in connecting Magento with Quickbooks,
and is not only integrate Magento but also other
major E-commerce platforms like Woo-Commerce and
Big-Commerce, it will allow you to connect your Magento
through your Quickbooks and Quickbooks online easily,
it will turn your orders into invoices and invoices into receipts or orders into receipts in Quickbooks, Real Time processing of inventory make you self-available and self-sufficient in 
knowledge and you can determine your inventory levels this apps interacts directly with your Ecommerce cart and update each and everything accordingly, one of the all feature is that it categorize the in and out of the inventories into the transactions and provide you with daily reconciliation of balances, you can find this app and download it directly into your Quickbooks Online account in apps.intuit.com.

Unify by Webgility:

After Cloud cart one of the profound solution is
to integrate your Magento with Quickbooks is by using Unify Quickbooks error support
by Webgility, Webgility is always one of the best third party
solution provider for different accounting softwares and Unify
is one of them although it is not made specifically for connecting
your Magento with Quickbooks but it did this for many of the other
platforms, Unify makes you headache free about your data entry and gives you more time in looking into a meaningful reports than to a meaningless documents or transactions, you can access Unify by this link,


Zapier also provide a solution to integrate
your Quickbooks Online with your Magento
you can find their application by this link,

Onesaas.comQuickbooks help number

Onesaas.com also provide a solution to integrate
Magento with Quickbooks you can find the
information about their solution by visiting this link, http://www.onesaas.com/integrate/quickbooksonline-with-magento

Onesaas.com provide inventory related features and don’t support accounting in vast perspective if your aim is to just to manage the inventory of your Magento than this solution is also a good option.

Magento Integration with Quickbooks Desktop:

Intuit Support Recommended:

Problems are there as intuit has passed out its Sync Manager that allows Quickbooks desktop to integrate with external apps in a real time, One of the intuit support advisor has advises to use this solution for Quickbooks Online integration with Magento, they are service providers,

You can find the solution with this link, https://cloudbee.com/talend-open-studio-components/


There are pros and cons of using something, Well Magento is costly but its benefits outweighs the cost by a great digit, the most important and stunning feature of Magento which makes it standout from all of the other platforms is its room for customization as it have built-in PHP features and if you have good resources you can turn it around your way, One of the other good thing for a Magento user is that it has a large variety of third party solutions for various business operations like some described above,

Quickbooks can be easily integrated with Magento out of all the solutions enlisted above the one available at intuit app store which is “Cloud Card Connector” is highly recommended. As it has most usage rate if you are a Quickbooks desktop user integration is always difficult for you but not impossible Desktop user always needs some labor to carry out operation so it is recommended that use the one solution that is provided above OR you can also use some other apps to import data from Magento to Quickbooks it will not be a real time solution and will take some of your time. If you want to integrate with QuickBooks to call at QuickBooks Technical Support .










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