QuickBooks Error H202: Causes and Solutions

quickbooks error h202

QuickBooks error H202 is a purely a network related error because the H-errors family are purely network related and they relates with Windows Firewall, Hosting issues, Connectivity issues in QuickBooks Database Manager and IP or DNS related problems, speaking of error H202 mostly it is seen that it is the Hosting issues that causes the problem this can only be seen in multi-user environment because in a single-user mode there is no client or hosting relationship because there is only PC involved.


Quick Solution:

quickbooks error code h202

At the very first instance when you face this error please do one thing go and check is there any client system in which hosting is turned on if it is on than turn it off because at once a system could be only host or client not both at the same time and hosting should only be turned on in the Host or Server not in the Client systems. I have seen in most of the cases this solve the problem, well! Give it try it is a Quick solution the problem can be more than this if the problem persists after trying this Quick solution you must look into the situation with detail.


Possibilities or Causes of Occurrence:

There are several possibilities for this error a few of them which a user encounters usually are described under:


QuickBooks Firewall Ports are not set properly:

Firewall is blocking inbound or outbound communication with company file to configure Windows Firewall for your QuickBooks please follow this article,

OR the .ND file is damages or got unhealthy following is the information about .ND file:


.ND File (Network Data) files:

.ND file is a network configuration file that configure or allows your QuickBooks to run in Multi-user environment. Every time QuickBooks is accessed or opened through a network in a multi-user environment old .ND file is replaced with new .ND file. The file itself is placed in QuickBooks Setup or Installation folder inside your C-drive (Documents folder for Mac user) with the name like “CompanyABCfile.QBW.ND” if your error is directly related with this file look downwards in solution section to get the ideas to solve the problem.


QuickBooks can’t obtain the IP address of the Host computer:

This problem is directly related to QuickBooks Database Manager (QBDBMGR) this is a built in feature it allows you to connect to the server or host in a multi-user environment this could also be the cause of the Error H202 is that QuickBooks Database Manager is using bad or specific IP address make sure that IP address that QBDBMGR is using is automatically assigned.


QuickBooks Database Manager don’t have the appropriate port in Windows Firewall:

This could also be the case that QuickBooks Database Manager is not having the correct port in Windows Firewall by default it must have Port 55333 but it is also likely that your DNS is using this 55333 port if it is the case than look below for the solutions.


QuickBooks services are not started:

If after the QuickBooks is opened QuickBooks services are not started which should be started automatically please look for information in this article.



Solutions of the above mentioned problems:

.ND file related problem:

What you have to do is track down this file inside your QuickBooks Setup folder I have told above where you can find this file and simply rename it by putting a word old, damaged or corrupted in the end of this file like this “CompanyABCfile.QBW.ND.old/damaged/corrupted” and Restart the QuickBooks what this will do QuickBooks will not recognized this old file as you have changed it name and create a new one which it always do when you close and reopen QuickBooks.


Note: 2 and 3 have the same solution so I mentioned it once

As mentioned earlier QuickBooks Database Manager needs to have 55333 port of firewall it is likely that your DNS is using this port because it is also the default port for DNS but we can assign DNS another port while QuickBooks Database Manager will work with this port only, to make it happen.

  1. Stop your DNS
  2. Start your QuickBooks Server again.
  3. Start DNS

These 3 simple steps will solve your problem

For problems related to QuickBooks Services I have refer an article above which is comprehensive about error H202 and you can find complete information there, Hxxx series of errors are explicitly network related and mostly occur in multi-user environment, Network errors can also occur in single user mode while a user is using QuickBooks direct bank feed but they are different than these errors.

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