QuickBooks Error Code 6190

Another error of 6xxx errors family in QuickBooks these errors are very common and come into very different shapes with a lot of extensions so here I will talk about its extensions before we move on so you can sure of your problem and can be looking into an appropriate solution.

6190-83 “A system which is not the server is Hosting the QuickBooks”.

6190-816, 85, 82 “Another user logged into QuickBooks company file while the file is in Single User mode OR it could also be the mismatch in Transaction log (.TLG) and Company file (.QBW).

Some of the extensions of Error 6190 which were witnessed very commonly among the users so that’s why we will talk about these extensions only if you are facing error 6190 with different extensions and different message then you must call our support and ask for help from advisors and experts you can access our support help from here.

DISCLAIMER: It is recommended that you must make backups of your QuickBooks company file periodically and stores them over the cloud.

6190-816, 85, 82 Causes and Solutions

Let’s talk about extensions that are mentioned second I want to give you a brief overview about what a Transaction log is, Transaction log or a file with (.TLG) extensions resides in your QuickBooks Company file folder with your QuickBooks Company file (.QBW), it plays the role of Cache in your QuickBooks Company file, when You open QuickBooks and start entering your transactions at first these transactions are entered in Transaction log but not in the QuickBooks company file and when you stop entering transactions, close the QuickBooks and come back again and re-open it, what happens the transactions from your transaction log transferred to your QuickBooks company file (.QBW) and the old transaction log take place of the newer transaction log file, if your Error 6190 explicitly telling you that your transaction log is in mismatch with your company file than it is the only solution available for you and it works for almost all of the time.

Solution for .TLG file:
You have to track this transaction log file inside your QuickBooks File folder your QuickBooks file folder could be in these locations.

Windows User: Local Disk (C 🙂 >> Program Files  >> QuickBooks 20XX
Mac Users: Documents >> QuickBooks 20XX

Whether you are mac user or a windows user the solution will remain same for both of you. After you get inside the folder look for the file “CompanyABCfile.QBW.tlg” just rename this file and put .old in the end of this file what happens next is after doing this when you open QuickBooks again it will not recognize this Transaction log and create a new one this way you can open your QuickBooks again.

DISCLAIMER: Remember by applying above solution the activity between your last session meanwhile when you open QuickBooks and Close it will not be in QuickBooks and you have to enter the transactions again as you have made that transaction log file old and the QuickBooks will not recognize it anymore.
If you think that your last session was so important and you don’t want to lose data from it than you must be looking into the expert or advisor’s advice you can hire one here.

6190-83 Causes and Solutions:

First of all you must know whether you are using QuickBooks in a multi0user environment or you are the host/server or the client you have to know about it before you move onto the next things.

In Multi-User environment more than one people can access QuickBooks Company file at the same time.

As the error 6190-83 states that someone who is not server means that you access your company file in another system while it is already open in yours or you can say in server. This type of problems vanishes when you enable Multi-user access mode in your QuickBooks if you already have it enabled than you must be looking for an advice from support.

You can enable Multi-user access mode by following these steps.

You have to re-install QuickBooks with QuickBooks database manager specific requirements this article is comprehensive guide by which you can install QuickBooks for multi-user access.


After Re-installing QuickBooks.
Navigate to File >> Utilities >> and then select “Host Multi-User Access”


Above mentioned error codes and their extensions are those which user are facing normally there may be a lot of other extensions that you may face but couldn’t find here with error code 6190 if your message with the error is looking similar to things that are described above you can try the solutions mentioned but of your error message contains another story than I must say acquire help from a professional and don’t mess around with the things as it is going to make things worse.

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