QuickBooks Error Code 6000

Common QuickBooks Errors and Troubleshooting

6176, 0 Firewall is not allowing the connection between the computers.
6000-107 The transaction log file is damaged. (.TLG) file
6000-1076 Quickbooks Installation is damaged.
6010-100, 6138-105, 6210-0, 6189-83, 6190-83 A System which is not a server is hosting Quickbooks.
6012-1061, 6144-82, 6000-82 Network setup is not correct.
6129-101 Incorrect folder permission or if QBDBMGR is not working properly
6190-816, 6190-85, 6190-82 Another user logged into Quickbooks company file as a single user mode. It can also be a mismatch between transaction log .TLG and the company file QBW.
6000-832 This error normally occurs when hosting is turned on or the .ND file is causing the problem.
6144-304, 6190-1005, 6189-1005 It is simply comes when you starts or opens Your QB.
6000-305 Network is causing trouble OR it could also the company file.
6073-816 Multiple computers are hosting the file or it could be firewall settings are blocking the connection or it could be the file is damaged.
6144-103, 6144-0 The .ND file has not a correct path to your company file OR windows user account used by QBDBMGR is damaged.
6120-0 In the system hosting the company file some 81XX firewall port is blocked.
6087-0, 6131-0 The error occurs when file is accessed locally.


Error Code 6000

First of all you should look into the list of the errors and find if one matches with yours, if the given file doesn’t existed your error but your error belongs to the family of 6xxx errors than the solutions are underlying

First of all we move on to the solution of these errors you should know about these terms first so we can remain on the same page when I talked about these things,

.ND File (Network Data) files:

.ND file is a network configuration file that configure or allows your QuickBooks to run in Multi-user environment. Every time QuickBooks is accessed or opened through a network in a multi-user environment old .ND file is replaced with new .ND file. The file itself is placed in QuickBooks Setup or Installation folder inside your C-drive (Documents folder for Mac user) with the name like “CompanyABCfile.QBW.ND” if your error is directly related with this file look downwards in solution section to get the ideas to solve the problem.

.TLG File (Transaction Log) files:

.TLG file is a temporary file in which transactions which are being entered are stored temporarily. Every time you close and reopen QuickBooks company file and a new file with extension .TLG is placed on QuickBooks company file folder you will also see this file inside your C-Drive (Documents in Mac) named as “Your Company Namefile.QBW.TLG” if your problem is directly related to this file than look for the downwards solutions.

Causes Other than .ND and .TLG Files:

The following possibilities could also be the reasons or the causes of the error 6000.

Firewall is blocking some files. Press Windows + R the run menu will be opened enter their “Control Panel” inside it write the Firewall in the Search bar at the top right corner and see if some files are restricted by windows firewall allow the firewall to release them if you are not sure about these things than don’t be a confused person just ask for QuickBooks technical support.

You are not the server but you’re hosting file this is the most common situation if you’re not having any issues with your .ND and .TLG, speaking of this possibility is the file is not stored inside your PC locally but you are accessing it through a network and you are accessing the file as a Host to it, if this is the case than store your company file inside your System or access it as a client not the Host.

If any of the user of QuickBooks company file is accessing it in a single user mode while others are trying to access it too, than you must ask them to access it in Single user mode to close QuickBooks and reopen it as a Multi-user environment user.

If the QuickBooks company file is damaged than go for the QuickBooks file Doctor, QB file doctor is a diagnostic and solution tool or application which when you run in the PC where the QuickBooks is installed will troubleshoot the possible causes of the network and QuickBooks file related problems and will also remove the errors.

Solutions for .ND and .TLG related problem:

If your error is showing that the problem is explicitly related to one of these files than you must look into these solutions,

.ND files:

What you have to do is track down this file inside your QuickBooks Setup folder I have told above where you can find this file and simply rename it by putting a word old, damaged or corrupted in the end of this file like this “CompanyABCfile.QBW.ND.old/damaged/corruptedand Restart the QuickBooks what this will do QuickBooks will not recognized this old file as you have changed it name and create a new one which it always do when you close and reopen QuickBooks.

.TLG files:

The same is the solution for this file as I described for .ND file that you have to track the file and have to rename it by putting .old in the end like this “Your Company Namefile.QBW.TLG.old/damaged/corruptedafter doing it restarts the QB what will happen is QuickBooks will not recognize the old file of which you have changed the name and create a new one and starts storing the transactions in the new file until you close and reopen the file, One thing is to remember here for .TLG file the transactions that you entered before the error comes to your will not be available in QuickBooks.

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