QuickBooks Error 80070057 Causes and Solutions

The error have multiple dimensions so there could be a lot of possible causes, people who face this error during their use of Quickbooks face different types of messages with the same error code I am talking about that message which is popped out when an error occurred in the form of a dialog box under this error you will not get it same all the time so here I am going to discuss each one with possible solutions one thing is to remember that solutions are provided on experience basis so if you are facing persistently even after applying all of the described solutions in the articles you must ask for technical support or Quickbooks support or you can also ask for our Certified ProAdvisors.

Message 1:

“There was an Un-expected error reported while trying to run Quickbooks”.

Message 2:

Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect and you don’t have sufficient access permission to delete files.”

Message 3:

Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect There was an Un-expected error reported while trying to run Quickbooks with company [location, company file name].”

Message 4:

Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect when clicking on a .QBB .QBM .QBW, ND or TLG file from a Google search timeline.”

One error with a lot of possible causes but you can take a clue from the message of the error that in which direction you should go when you are facing this error because you can’t go into 4 distinct directions to solve the problem as it will take you out of the time but we can prioritize our options by looking into the different possible causes and their different solutions.

One of my associate technical support advisor told me that “Mostly this error occurs when one user in a multi-user environment log in to Quickbooks as a single user this is found common when users are facing this problem and this happens most of the times that problem vanishes right away when that user who has logged in as the single user turns off his Quickbooks and re-open it as a multi user mode.” This is same as when someone access a file through windows explorer and one has already using it in this situation sometimes second person can’t even open the file or if the file is opened you can’t edit it like you have seen that file is open in read only mode. By this person who had opened it first will take the administrative rights. Moving on there could be several similar traits of all the errors of Quickbooks and there are similar solutions which can be used in different type of errors showing similar traits.

Solution that I will describe here for this very error will be under its four different types of messages. “Message 1” is Unexpected error the unexpected error means the Quickbooks wasn’t expecting it but it occurs due to the influence of the other applications to which Quickbooks interacts during its course of operations there is a fine possibility that the files are damaged it could be QBW Quickbooks company file or it could also be Quickbooks installation files other possibilities are use generated like your system cache is fill as you haven’t restarted it in long time and that’s why there is not more space in your computer temporary memory and Quickbooks company file is trouble opening, you hadn’t turned your system off properly and that’s some of your Quickbooks company files become corrupted or you were playing with your Quickbooks company file like making backups or generating portable files for sharing by not a good mean. There could be very possible reasons if you are facing message # 1 and you believe that the reasons and circumstances that are described above are similar to your situation than follow these below described solutions but if you are facing any of the other 3 messages than there are now known solution but you can apply the same solutions to get relieved from this error, in order to resolve the problem in minimum time we should prioritize our list of tricks or methods that we are going to apply to overcome this brutal error as time is the essence here and we can’t get rid of it on time without managing it in best way,


  • Restart your PC – You have seen that whenever you complain your IT professional about the speed of your PC the first things he asked you about is to restart your PC well this has its own reasons I have seen people put their laptops on sleep and don’t restart them even for weeks by this cache (a temporary memory) filled and there is no space for new extension files to open in the background to run the back functions of the applications in use so restarting will close previously opened files and there will become a new space.
  • Verify your Quickbooks Installation again if your Quickbooks files were already verified and then there is no need to do so.
  • If someone from your peers have accessed the Quickbooks as in a single user mode in a multi-user environment than ask him to turn his Quickbooks off and then to turn again with multi-user mode, this is the most common cause of this error.
  • bat, reboot.bat is a batch extension file existed in Quickbooks installation folder where the installation files are placed usually in C drive in Windows and in documents in Mac, find the file and double click it, it will re-register all of your Quickbooks registry files.
  • High Recommended: You must un-install and re-install the Quickbooks if your problem is not solved and after trying all of the above solutions you’re facing the same error.

DISCLAIMER: It is to inform you that before applying any above mentioned tricks or solutions you must create an adequate backup so that you can use it if the problem solved by un-installing the software.

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