QuickBooks Error 2000

QuickBooks is a well known accounting software used by millions of Small size companies for their bookkeeping and other important needs. Over the past few years there is a lot of dependency on this accounting software because of its reliability and efficiency. With all the perk user enjoy there are also some very common error they encounter in daily routine use, and one of them is (ERROR 2000) which is rare in occurrence but needs to be discuss.

Before we spotlight our discussion about this error let us examine what is the most possible reason which give birth to this error. We all know there are two deployments of QuickBooks which are QuickBooks DESKTOP and QuickBooks Online we need to understand pro and Cons of both to get a better understanding of errors that a user face. It is no secret that Online QuickBooks version standout the Desktop one. The similar function or feature of both are following

  • Create professional invoices
  • Track sales and expenses
  • Manage accounts payable
  • One Click Sales and tax report

Following are the features which either Desktop version don’t exist or User had to pay to use them

  • Automatically schedule and send invoices
  • Work from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet at any time
  • Quick file access for accountants
  • Hookup to 300+ cloud-based apps
  • Automatically download bank transactions
  • Phone Support
  • Automatic data-encrypted back-ups
  • Access to latest product and features updates
  • Cloud access (hosting)
  • Access for up to 5 users

So it is clear that Online version is more effective & efficient which ultimately mitigate the chances of errors like the one we are discussing in specific (ERROR 2000). Mostly this error is seen at large in desktop version.

What is QuickBooks Error 2000?

This errors relate to remote network/server problems (despite saying contact Intuit). QB2000 correctly says contact Financial Institution. Point to note here is that this error is not QuickBooks application internal error it is an external error. It may be a temporary issue (a little hold up in the Internet between user and its respective bank or there is some wrong with bank server). Try again, ideally at a “less rush hour”. QB2000 OL-206 says “try again later. If still problem remains, contact the financial institution. Because if they can’t help it may harm the file. There is another you also must be looking at it as it was described in the QuickBooks Support Website and tells a lot about things associated with this particular error,

The Story behind the Scenes:

For every bank feed there is a network connectivity between the FI (financial institution) and the QuickBooks so that transactions are being added automatically at a real time, for that your FI use a connection method and it may charges fees, for the information about the charges your FI charge ask your FI, Intuit has provided a list of the Financial Institutions and their connection methodologies which they adopt to get connected with QuickBooks you can find information regarding your FI by this link, fi.intuit.com,

According to Intuit support website the connections could be of two types,

  1. Direct Connect
  2. Web Connect

Direct connect enables QuickBooks to interacts with your Financial institution back and forth and allows you to make payments to your vendors and receive payments from your customers through QuickBooks using its own interface and download data directly into your Bank feed automatically, it uses Bank Provided PIN and Password and allows the QuickBooks to download transactions in the real time.

Web Connect use the web browser to integrate FI with QuickBooks in this method you can only download transactions from FI but can’t send or receive payments from vendors and customers.

Different FI supports different connectivity methods and charges fee for that so when you are connecting any of your bank account first time in QuickBooks you must make sure that which type of connectivity method your FI adopts and which type of information can be automated with that connectivity method,

Some other reasons:

  1. Bank Feedback issue is very vital problem due to which this error arise. Problem in update of information from bank or the system failure or slow work usually give birth to the error 2000.
  2. You just updated your Direct Debit information or your employee’s bank account information back into your bank account and the server didn’t read the change yet hence the QuickBooks is showing error in return as it not getting the updated information.
  3. Networking is the most important medium and the most important pillar for any type of application problem in Networking like connectivity issues, slow internet, data transfer issue, dropping of signal may cause the system to misbehave resulting this error.

DISCLAIMER: Before applying any of the recommended solutions please make a backup copy of your QuickBooks Company File.


  • Coordinate with your bank to ask them whether your account is enable to get the data from QuickBooks using Direct or Web Connect.
  • Make sure your computer is up-to-date and compatible with all the relevant software with connect bank data server with your QuickBooks application.


The error is external so there are different implications to deal with it Intuit also recommend that in case of this error you must ask your FI instead of QuickBooks as they may have issues in connectivity methods they adopt to interact with Financial softwares and also ask your FI whether your connectivity is enabled for a particular account or not, otherwise the solutions which is remained is hectic but is the only one that you should download all of your transactions into a .csv format file and import entries manually into the QuickBooks which is I guess not a good option but is the only one if your FI has no answer for you.

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