QuickBooks Data Transfer Services

QuickBooks Data Transfer Services

QuickBooks data transfer with the exception of list data, is not possible from within the QuickBooks software. In order to export QuickBooks data for use in a different company file and subsequently import QuickBooks data to the receiving file it is necessary to use specialized data transfer tools or manual data entry. Our services can help with all your data transfer needs making it a quick and painless process.(Please see this BLOG post that discusses what you can transfer using QuickBooks utilities)

Importing/Exporting QuickBooks data

As mentioned, there are two options for moving transaction data between QuickBooks files. Manual data entry is an option depending on the number of transactions and your willingness to make the time commitment. As can be imagined, manual data entry is tedious and time consuming work that is prone to error. Using data transfer utilities allow all transactions* and balances to be moved accurately from old file to the new, There may be concerns that the file structures do not match such as different accounts, classes or items; this is not a problem as data fields can be remapped to the new file structure. *(Please note-QuickBooks SDK does not support Paychecks at this time- there are workarounds to this issue)

Here is a list of what transactions can easily be transferred between QuickBooks files:

o Bank Statements
o Bills
o Bill Payments
o Checks (except payroll)
o Credit Card Charges
o Credit Card Credits
o Credit Memos
o Deposits
o Estimates (Quotes)
o Inventory Adjustments
o Invoices
o Item Receipts
o Journal Entries
o Purchase Orders
o Receive Payments
o Sales Orders
o Sales Receipts
o Statement Charges
o Time Tracking
o Vendor Credits

Whatever your QuickBooks data transfer needs are, Advanced QuickBooks Services is ready to help. We can typically quote a firm price for the work after reviewing what type of data transfer is needed. Our quote is based on a 50/hr base rate.


Enterprise to QuickBooks downgrades

At some point your business may have upgraded to Enterprise solutions only to find that you do not need the features and functionality Enterprise offers. You may desire to return to the more affordable Premier or Pro editions of QuickBooks only to be frustrated to find you cannot “downgrade” using QuickBooks alone. We can help with Enterprise to premier/pro downgrades. We will downgrade your file to the latest version of premier or pro; it can be accomplished over a weekend with no accounting interruptions. Please note- all paychecks and payroll liability checks will be entered as regular checks in this process and will not appear on payroll reports such as 941′s and W-2′s. If you are using Intuit payroll services you will have to use the payroll set up feature to record year to date payroll for employees or use your previous files for payroll reporting. The cost of this service is 375 dollars.

Large QuickBooks files

As your QuickBooks file grows it will slow down. You may start to see performance issues when the file approaches as little as 500mb (dependent on your processor speed and ram). A quick way to check your current file size is to open the QuickBooks product information page by hitting F2 on your Keyboard. On the left hand side you will see a listing for “file size”.

It used to be the best way to shrink a data file was with data file tools, the data tools included in QuickBooks were not very effective. This has changed in the 2012 version with the new “condense data” tool. As long as you are happy with the general data file structure we encourage you to use this free tool to shrink your QuickBooks file. *** Please be sure to make a VERIFIED backup of your data file before attempting a condense. *** Please note that you must have the 2012 version of QuickBooks to use this feature.

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