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I have advised and recommended people to re-install their QuickBooks if the problems like errors or any other issues regarding the functionality of QuickBooks they are facing, Doing re-installation means to install the QuickBooks again by un-installing the previous one because the problem that a user is facing is linked with one of the QuickBooks damaged file or some file goes corrupted due to malicious activity OR there is a possibility that file is been missing about this there could be multiple possible reasons because there are lots of things QuickBooks interacts with like your Operating system and OS related applications and most likely to discuss is your antivirus so there could be a lot of possibilities.

Here is what Clean Install Utility is: One thing you must be thinking of that you know how to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks than what is this all about? What is clean install? Is that another way of doing installation? One can say that it is a different way of doing uninstallation and reinstallation as a lot of QuickBooks users were facing this reinstallation issues because of this Intuit has incorporated this feature of clean install in QuickBooks so people can easily reinstall their QuickBooks while their program is creating problems for them and they are unable to access it.

One of the other major reason of doing clean install is that when you uninstall a program the setup files of the programs that make the program to run will be removed and program is uninstalled but all the other files remains at the same place meanwhile inside your C-Drive (Documents in Mac) so after uninstalling when you reinstall the QuickBooks the setup files are replaced by new files and all the other files remain same at their respective places that’s why problem is not resolved even after reinstallation of QuickBooks so we adopt clean install procedure to completely clean or delete the previous files and folders this will allows QuickBooks to generate all of the other files again and there will be new files and folders with new installation.

DISCLAIMER: Before doing clean install you must have your recent backup and if you don’t have your recent backup than ask for technical support team to look into the issue about either you can have your data backup or you have to make it again. One more thing to add here is that before clean install you must have all of your QuickBooks Product and License related information with you, it could be on your QuickBooks CDs pack or anywhere you have written if you don’t have one thank ask for the support and they will let you know about how you will get your information.


How to do it?

QuickBooks Clean Install Utility:

Apparently there is one way to do clean install in your QuickBooks which is by doing it by installing QuickBooks Clean Install application and Run the program this will remove your previous QuickBooks installation and install a new copy of your QuickBooks ready to use.

You can find the download file of Clean install Utility application by this link:

QuickBooks Clean Install Utility

However I would recommend you to do it by your own I mean by doing the process manually which the clean install application do it when you run it I recommend this because when you have more than one QuickBooks installation inside your PC or your QuickBooks is installed in a server where a lot of other QuickBooks already installed QuickBooks clean install application could create a problem for you.


Second Way: (Cleansing)

By this procedure you have to do some work by your own hands but it is not so much tidy what you have to do is:

For Windows User you must go into your C-Drive where your  all the software are installed go inside the Program Files folder and inside Program files you will find a folder named Intuit inside this folder you will see a folder name like QuickBooks ABC Company (201X) first of all get inside the folder and Unhide all the hidden files you can do this by the following way,

When you are inside the folder QuickBooks ABC Company (201X) right click anywhere and you will see this box will appear

When you click on properties you will see something like this,

If in the above dialog box “Hidden” box is checked make it unchecked and click “Apply” and than “Okay” after doing this refresh the folder and you will see the number of files has increased after doing this get out from the folder and what you have to do is simply rename the folder and put .old/corrupted/damaged at the end of the folder name whatever from the tree terms you like, what this will do for you is when you reinstall the QuickBooks after uninstalling the previous one the QuickBooks setup files will not recognize your old folder and files inside your C-drive (Documents for Mac User) as you have renamed it and create all of the files in a new folder in that way you can have completely a new installation of QuickBooks and your problems are resolved.



It is advised that you must keep updated backups on regular basis depending upon the way you update your QuickBooks meanwhile if you update your QuickBooks at the end of the month, quarter or year for all of the transactions at once than I must suggest you to take backups when you are done entering the data at the end of every day in this way you will only lose as less as one day of your work, make it a habit or use 3rd party backup applications if you feel feasible with them. As when you clean install your QuickBooks there is a fine possibility that you will lose some of your data but it is also assured that your QuickBooks will work finely after you perform clean install instead of simple reinstall.

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