QuickBooks Cannot Open Your File (QuickBooks Error -6144, -82)

QuickBooks, a user-friendly accounting application, is acceptable to almost all kinds of businesses. But, corporate users may find various issues, while running this software. For instance, QuickBooks may display an error message while you are trying to open one of your files. You can find message- We’re sorry; QuickBooks Couldn’t open your file (QuickBooks Error -6144, -82). This is a very common problem for many users.

However, there may be several reasons behind the failure to open file-

  • Perhaps, you have damaged the file while you opened it for your previous usage.
  • You have stored the file in corrupted hard drive.
  • Templates of transaction are open in your business file
  • Wrong QuickBooks version
  • Issues in file location

The most important thing that you should do is to make out whether the issue is related to QuickBooks software or your business file. To do so, you have to-

  • Hit Control Key
  • Hold this key and double click on the icon of the software

While you cannot open this program with this step, the main problem is in your software. However, while QuickBooks starts working, you should open any of your business files (sample). If that gets opened, the issue is related to the particular file, which you have been trying to open previously.


Different Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error -6144, -82


Let the file get transferred to another site

Change Location of QuickBooks File

Perhaps, you have saved your file in network drive. Now, you have to copy this file and then transfer it to another location (local drive). While you find success in doing it, you have to configure your network. QB File Doctor is helpful in this task.

  • Choose drive for making a different folder
  • Then, open it to access the saved file
  • Holding your Ctrl key, you may now choose your .qbw file as well as the related.TLG file.
  • After right clicking, you can find the option- Copy
  • Then, paste your file on this fresh folder


Direct opening of the file from Desktop version

  • Open your QuickBooks for choosing the menu- File. Then, click on the option, Open
  • Hit the right button, related to file type that you need
  • Browse your file location
  • Pick your file for opening it. Here, you can also choose any location, while opening .QBM or .QBX file.


Checking the extension and properties of files

QuickBooks File Extension Preferences

In many cases, incorrect extension prevents you from opening files

  • Go to a folder, containing your file
  • Then, right-click on the name of file
  • Hit Properties tab
  • Assess the file type. The size of your file should be minimum 7MB
  • Encrypt option should not be activated, and to check it, you have to choose Advanced option; then, press OK button


Choosing a new name for your file

  • Just like other processes, you have to open your folder
  • Then, rename it after right clicking on a folder name
  • You have to choose a filename, which is within three letters. But, do not replace original extension
  • While you can avail .TLG for your file, you may also rename that

These are useful options that you can try out for solving your error -6144, -82, related to QuickBooks software.

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