QuickBooks 2018 New Features

New QuickBooks 2018

Evert time a new version of any software is released people (users) are looking for new features or hope the features they want in the applications are added but every time new releases brings things with them bad or good enhancements or diminution but we have to accept and as the technology is the most competitive market as of now in the whole world companies strives to make their user experience better every day, the same story lies with QuickBooks before the beginning of the new year Intuit gives a news to its user it is up to user discretion whether the news is good for them or it is not so much good but I believe it is not bad for any of the user as they are always enhancements when you are talking about QuickBooks that’s why QuickBooks is leader in its market and leading the market from a long time.

Let’s talk about the thing you are here for, the features that QuickBooks introduces new in this year don’t remember we are talking about QuickBooks 2018.

Multi Monitors

Multi Monitor in QuickBooks 2018

This is what is which is needed very badly as people likes to use multiple monitors now you can find an additional icon in the top right corner of your window the place where the X and Minimize – sign resides a fourth icon by which you can drag your QuickBooks windows to up to three monitors and what is more important than this that the Pop-up messages and links will open in the current monitor not where the QuickBooks actually was available, this was something which I like to mentions first in this year’s list of new arrivals in QuickBooks.

Remain Logged In

This is the feature which is good for one user and not for the other because if you are the only one who use a system and do not share your computer with anyone or have any other security software already installed in your system than you might be using this as it is also annoying for me to log in every time whenever you open QuickBooks and switch companies, you can set the settings about this by following this path

Preferences >> General >> Keep user logged In

Chart of Accounts Search Bar

Chart of Accounts Search Bar in QuickBooks 2018

Now the features which is second in my list according to the benefits I am going to get from it is the search box for the Chart of Accounts please note that this feature wasn’t available in QuickBooks before but it was available in QuickBooks Online and it is so much difficult for someone to search Chart of accounts and can know whether it is existed or not, by this feature you can search chart of accounts with name and number partially or fully written.

Cash/Accrual Option to Choose in Reports

Cash/Accrual Option to Choose in Reports

Now in most of the reports you will find a toggle button by which you can change the accounting convention within a report meanwhile you can make that report Accrual Basis or Cash Basis in the same screen with no time this feature is already available in QuickBooks Online but it wasn’t available in QuickBooks desktop until now.

Enhanced Inventory Reports

This feature is available in all QuickBooks desktop applications with the exception of QuickBooks Desktop Pro.
In 2018 Intuit has also put something new in terms of inventory reporting as inventory is the part in QuickBooks which needs development so here is the one now you can customize columns within an inventory report you can customize the columns within a report by items in assembly, inventory status, items shortage in assembly and most important for analytical accounting by inventory valuation.

Webmail Users

Good News ahead for Webmail users as most of the Webmail servers don’t allow SMTP security technology which QuickBooks were using in its previous version but it is upgraded to OAUth 2.0 and you will not have any issues while writing and sending forms in QuickBooks through Webmail by using any Webmail server.

Past Due Mark

Unpaid Invoices Mark

In the invoices you sent to the customer you will find a big mark or stamp saying “Past Due” if the invoice is overdue from its due date, you can select whether this stamp or mark is printed on the customers copy or not.

Payroll Liability Reminder

This feature is totally new and good to use if you track your Payroll inside QuickBooks and you have a lot of obligations for your payroll on monthly or quarterly basis, Io haven’t used it until now but will use it in the future maybe it is same as your reminder or it have some other features which will make it stand out one thing for sure is by default it will alert you 7 days before your liability is due.

Intuit is improving and developing day by day and adding new features into it. There may be some other features which are renewed or got some new options every year we find them when we are using QuickBooks so yes there are possibilities that there are a lot of other small changes that QuickBooks 2018 have in it but they can be possibly seen when someone encounters them, Intuit is making its promise of providing one solution for all accounting and finance needs fulfill and improving things around day by day and we love to have some new features.

Without being biased the most important improvements of this year are Multi-monitor support and Chart of Accounts search bar I am going to benefit from them most you can have your own according to the portion you interact with mostly.

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