Multi-user Set form QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise on a Windows Operating System

Step 1.Locate the Company File folder:

There are several ways of locating the company file folder.
i. Log into your company file and press the function key F2 on the keyboard to get the product information windows while you are in QuickBooks.

location of qbw file in quickbooks


ii. Go to the File Menu on the top right and close company. You will see a no company window which shows you the file location.

select a company file

iii. Go to the File Menu again and hover your mouse to Open previous company to see the file path.


Step 2: Folder Access Control and Permissions:

Now you have located the Company file folder, it’s time to Share the folder and give the required permissions. Follow the steps below:

i. Right click on the Company files folder, go to Properties from the Menu, Click on the Sharing tab on the top, and then click on Advance Sharing.

check company file properties

ii. On the next window check the box to share the folder and hit the Permissions button to get to the “Permissions for Company file folder

advance sharing company file

iii. Now click on the add button to go to the Select Users or Group window and then click on the Advance button at the bottom.

permissions for company file

iv. In the next windows as show below Click on the find which will show you the list on Names in the directory. From the list select Administrator, hold Ctrl key to select multiple names simultaneously, and then select Users, Everyone (if not already added) and QB DataServiceUser26(this depends on the version it can be 24 or 27 ), release the Ctrl key and press OK. Now you should have a window which looks like the one below:


Press ok and then you should be back on “Permission on Company File folder”.

sharing permissions, users, groups

v. Now Select Administrator from the list and check the button for Full Control and then select Everyone, QbDataServiceUser25 and Users and repeat the same step as above to give Full Control and then click Apply and then ok.

permissions for company file

vi. Now select the Security Tab and hit edit. This will take you to Permission for Company file folder again. Repeat Steps (iii), (iv) and (v).

quickbooks company file properties

Step 3: QuickBooks Database server manager setup:

i. Press windows + R to get the run command and type services.msc to get the services window. From the name list locate QuickbooksDB26, right click and select properties. From the startup type select automatic and click apply and then ok.

This will take you back to Services window where you need to Restart the service or if you see the option to start it, click on start to start the service.

quickbooks database properties


quickbooks services


ii. Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager: Go to the File menu in QuickBooks, select utilities and then Host multi-user access (in some cases you will already see stop hosting multi user ,do not make any changes in this case).

Open QuickBooks by going to the windows start menu > Go to All Programs>QuickBooks>QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

iii. Scan Company file for other computers to connect: Select the Scan Tab, hit browse to browse to the company file folder and hit start scan. You should get the follow status. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE STATUS AS NO ISSUE DETECTED OR REPAIR SUCCESSFULL IT WILL TELL YOU WHERE THE ISSUE ISSUE IS, IF IT IS A WINDOWS FIREWALL ISSUE. You will need to open the windows firewall ports.

Opening windows firewall ports:

Press windows key + R to get the run command, type WF.msc. Select Inbound Rules>New Rule>Port, hit next>

windows firewall and security

Select TCP>Select Specific local ports radio button

new inbound rule wizard

Enter the port numbers depending upon the version as given below and click next

QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
QuickBooks Desktop 2016: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
QuickBooks Desktop 2015: 8019, 56725, 55363-55367
QuickBooks Desktop 2014: 8019, 56724, 55358-55362


Select Allow the connection and then click next,

allow connection


In the next window make sure all Domain, Private and Public is checked and then click Next.

windows firewall and advance security

Type the name as QB Port TCP Inbound and click on finish.

quickbooks port configuration for multi user


quickbooks database server manager

iv. Switching to multi user in QuickBooks: Now go to the File menu (make sure your company file is open) and Select switch to multi-user mode.
v. Accessing company file from other computers: You will need the network path of the company file folder that we have shared earlier. In order to do this navigate to the company file folder again, right click go to properties, click on the sharing tab and you will find the network path. Make a note of the network path.

Go to QuickBooks on the other Computer and select File > Open or Restore Company >Open Company File> Enter the network path here >check the multi user box at the bottom left corner and click on Open. If it prompts you for a username and password, you will need to enter the Windows username and password for the Administrator of the main computer.

company file location

vi. Creating Users for multi-user access: Go to the Admin User’s computer. Select Company from the top menu >Setup users and passwords>Setup users. You will see the user list where you need to add the users here. To add user click Add Users on top Right where you will be prompted to create a new users credentials.

Once you have created the credentials click next .(adding the user to the license is not necessary, so leave the checkbox unchecked ) , on the next window you will have to select what level of access you want to give to the user whether all areas or selected areas in QuickBooks. Click next and Finish. You will see the users added in the list, similarly you can create more users here .

qb users list

Now you can go to the other computer use, the user id and password you’ve created to login. Your file will now open in multi user mode.

If you need technical help with QuickBooks multi user setup, please call our QuickBooks Support Phone Number at 1800-910-6880 and let us know. We will be more than happy to assist you with the setup.

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