Move QuickBooks Files to Other Tax Software- Lacerte, Turbotax, Quicken

QuickBooks software has now become helpful to businesses of all sizes. Whether this is an online or desktop edition, you may be able to manage everything about your business accountancy. However, there are also many other software systems, which help in dealing with the tax issues. That is why many business owners may like to move from QuickBooks to other software systems, like Lacerte, Quicken and Turbotax. We have presented you with the processes that you need to know from transferring files from QuickBooks to other applications.


QuickBooks to Quicken- File Transfer Process

Quicken and are QuickBooks are two major financial software systems for almost all PCs. With the use of two programs, you will be able to track all the things, related to the financial issues of your business.

  • Open QuickBooks and then start waiting for loading your software

  • Choose File menu. Then, click on Open button to select your QuickBooks file
  • Perform the editing task and choose File menu. Then, save your file.
  • Close QuickBooks to launch the software- Quicken. After finding this program, you have to select Import from file menu.

  • Select the QuickBooks files to be imported. Then, press OK option.


Moving Tax-Related Data from QuickBooks to Lacerte

Lacerte is a useful software system that enhances the efficiency and accuracy with automatic calculation processes your amortization and depreciation.

You have to install Lacerte Tax on your PC so that you may view at the menu of your QuickBooks software. It is now easy to move the data of your QuickBooks to any of the files in your Lacerte tool.

  • Choose the menu- Accountant. Then, you will find another option- Export Balances.
  • Hit the menu File, and click on the option- Export. Select the option- Balances to Tax.

All QuickBooks tax-related assignments may be automatically mapped to different fields of Lacerte for your tax return. While you are not able to map your account of QuickBooks to the fields of Lacerte, you may do so with the use of mapping features of Lacerte.

After importing or moving your data, you can check QuickBooks reports and tax forms in order to make sure that QuickBooks data is displayed.


Transferring Data from QuickBooks to TurboTax

TurboTax is also a tax preparation software system that may help you in filing tax return in electronic way. File your state or federal tax returns with accuracy. If you like to transfer data successfully to this software from QuickBooks, you have to know these processes.

  • Open the software- TurboTax to access tax return option
  • Choose File menu, and then click on Import. You will find- From QuickBooks options
  • Find instructions on the screen for importing files

QuickBooks software must be present on the same drive, where you have downloaded TurboTax. In addition to it, QuickBooks Mac files needs to be transformed into Windows prior to your import process. You should also update QuickBooks file before that import.

Thus, you have to consider all these processes in order to move from your QuickBooks software to any other tax-related app. You have to choose the software depending on your needs. Moving from QuickBooks to any of the above applications is very easy.

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