How to Integrate QuickBooks with MS Access

What is MS Access

One of the most important integration nowadays is QuickBooks integration with MS Access. But before going to see what are the reasons, and how Pros and cons related to this particular integration we need to understand first that what exactly Microsoft access . Simply Microsoft MS Access is an information management platform which enable user to store information for the purpose of reference, reporting and analysis. Microsoft Access allows user to analysis large bulky information in most systematic presentation and efficient manner as compare to the other applications like Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheet.


How does a Microsoft Access database work?

Microsoft Access functionality is very similar to the way Database works. That is by saving all the relevant information and allowing you to make connections knows as relationships between different variables. In MS Access it is very easy to make relationship between two parties like contact a customer or supplier.  In the example below, the blue boxes represent the major things we’re tracking in our MS Access database tables, and the reports at right show how you can join the related information for analysis and reporting.

People typically create an Access database file using Microsoft Access or FrontPage. The Interface of Microsoft Access is in the picture bellow 

Problem with using Microsoft Access

It is an expensive software and continues cost is needed to keep it update.

In data base information is very sensitive and important so user need to be extra careful and know how to navigate it properly it’s a very complex software to use and not that user friendly, and if user lack the expertise to use this software properly the things could go ashtray and ultimately ending up real disaster for business.


Advantage of using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Sample Databases

The best thing about Microsoft access is that it has already built in sample data base for users so that they can experience how about the tables, forms and reports. User got chance to learn in actual that how the system operates and how thing get linked with data base


MS access has different wizards so that user can make a database easily. So this make an opportunity for the user to select a desire sample of its own choice. The sample includes contact detail of e.g. customers or suppliers. Sample also has inventory control ledgers tables so the user can modify it which suits him.

Keys to understand the structure

One of the best feature of MS Access is the graphical representation of data save in data base like customer list trends, suppliers information and details and most importantly inventory management info about the stock levels which are the vital for the business decision making process

Microsoft Office integration

The best advantage of using the Microsoft Access is that it data import export to other Microsoft software became very easy integration process run smooth. User can easily transfer data from one software to another at his will no issues to face this make Microsoft Access to stand out among others.

Easier Programming

MS Access makes programming easier. Users can automate repeated jobs using macros and simple code. The user can also create more complex and flexible code with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). MS Access provides graphical shortcuts and hints that help the user to write code easily.

Command Standard

MS Access uses the standard structured query language (SQL) to perform different operations on the database. SQL is a standard language used in different relational databases.

No Redundancy

MS Access allows the user to store, retrieve, sort, analyze and print information stored in the database. Data may be manipulated without redundancy by defining relationships between sets of data. Redundancy means duplication of data in multiple files. It wastes the storage media of the computer.


Why to Integrate QuickBooks and Access?

Export QuickBooks Data in MS Access

Intuit QuickBooks is an accounting software program, while Microsoft Access is a database management system. QuickBooks handles customer and inventory data, but a user will wish to export his data to Microsoft access for next level analysis. Access can perform with more innovation queries than QuickBooks, and its reports allow you more flexibility. Importing data can also link the data to an existing database. Access does not import QuickBooks data directly, but you can transfer your data by using Microsoft Excel as an intermediary.


How to Integrate?

Export to Excel

  1. Open the QuickBooks customer or vendor list that you want to send to Access.
  2. Click the Excel icon in the Customer Center or Vendor Center toolbar to open the Export dialog box.
  3. Click the option buttons labeled “Create new worksheet” and “in new workbook.” Click “Export.”
  4. Navigate to a location on your computer. Click “Save.”

Import from Excel

  1. Open your Access database.
  2. Click “External Data” in the Access ribbon. Click “Excel” from the Import & Link group to open the “Get External Data – Excel Spreadsheet” dialog box.
  3. Click “Browse.” Navigate to and select the Excel file that you created.
  4. Click “OK” to open the Import Spreadsheet Wizard.
  5. Select “Sheet1.” Click “Next.”
  6. Check the box labeled “First Row Contains Column Headings.” Click “Next.”
  7. Type a name for the Access table in the text box labeled “Linked Table Name.” For example, name the table “tblCustomers.”
  8. Click “Finish.”


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