Fix QuickBooks: Troubleshooting and Repair

QuickBooks troubleshooting and Clean up

If you know or suspect that there are problems with your QuickBooks file, we offer troubleshooting services to identify and fix QuickBooks errors. The problems may be the result of an improper file set up, QuickBooks accounting and procedural errors or data file corruption. We use a proven two step systematic approach to troubleshooting and repair that is the most cost effective way to address troubled QuickBooks files. As a business owner you need to know what a service is going to cost in order to make an informed business decision. Our system allows us to quote a firm price up front for each step and provides an opportunity for business to reduce the overall cost of fixing problems.

Single issues

For single issues we use our two step process which includes an analysis service to determine what the problem is and a repair/fix service. The analysis service identifies the problem and we provide you with the suggested corrective actions to take. Armed with our report you may be able to fix QuickBooks problems on your own without further cost. If you need assistance making the corrections we will quote a firm price for the work. Fixing a problem is only half the battle; preventing it from happening again is as equally important. Each troubleshooting engagement includes the “fix”, a reason WHY the trouble occurred and suggestions on how to avoid future problems. The price for the analysis is dependent on the issue however we will quote a firm price during our free consultation. Our rate for repair work is 45 dollars an hour and a firm estimate will be provided for the total cost.

Comprehensive file review

We have had clients call with very colorful descriptions of their QuickBooks file. The common theme being “the file is a mess and things don’t make sense”. Without first identifying the scope of all problems it is difficult to determine the most cost effective corrective action. There are varying degrees of QuickBooks file problems and in a perfect world they would all be worth fixing; in reality they can all be fixed given enough time and money. As a business owner or manager you should have the cost information needed to make an informed business decision. You may decide to repair the entire file, correct the current year and move forward or in cases where the file is badly flawed, a fresh start.

Identify the problems

The approach we use is a complete file analysis covering each area of the file using a methodical troubleshooting system. This system is more extensive than the “Client Data Review” that is often used in troubleshooting. No repair work is attempted during the review process; the purpose is to only gather information on what needs to be corrected. Once the review is complete a report is issued listing all known problems. This report is extensive with each problem noted and a suggested tip to fix the issue included.This method is designed to provide the most cost effective approach to troubleshooting and repair.

The fix

Using the report there may be problems that can be corrected by your accounting personnel following the included instructions which reduces the overall cost. For problems you need assistance with, a firm Quote can be made based on the knowledge gained from the analysis . The price of the analysis service is dependent upon the features used in QuickBooks and the number of years your file has been in use use. Analysis services are priced between 200 and 500 dollars for our comprehensive file review. Any repair work is quoted based on a 45 dollar an hour rate.


Point of Sale troubleshooting

We offer Point of Sale troubleshooting services using the same two step system and rates as is offered for QuickBooks services.

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