CRM Integration with QuickBooks

What is Customer relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a well known word, the words CRM itself give its introduction, it is a term refer to control of relationship between owner and customers. In other words we can say strategies and technologies that companies use to control and analyze customer interactions over a specific customer life cycle. The basic aim of doing all of these practices are to ensure that there is an effective and fruitful business relationships with your customers which in end ultimately improve the financial growth of company. Effective inflow or exchange of information between company and customers are vital so CRMs are very carefully designed to gather important information or data from different mediums to make it useful for company, the medium from where the information is gathered are social media, emails, websites, brochures and marketing material. It is very important for a business to know about their customer in detail so CRM allows to check on customer personal data like previous credit and purchase history, change in trend because of season taste or fashion

CRM Life Cycle:

crm life cycle

Customer Relationship Life cycle is a very important concept, it means a process through which a customer passes to finally purchase the product he want and stamp his loyalty toward the company.

Major Types of CRM?

Operational CRM

Focus the business process that includes Sales automation, Marketing automation and Service automation. It undertakes the work to get eye on potential customers, convert them into contacts, extract complete required data and provide service throughout customer lifecycle.

Sales Automation:

Sales automation guide the firm to systemize the sales procedure. The main work it under take is to set a good benchmark on how to interact with the new and previous customers. This type of CRM is very vital because it not only indicate how to keep customer satisfied but also how to keep upward trend of sales. Lead management and contact management are part of this CRM.

Marketing Automation:

Providing the right product to right customer in best possible way there most important work are done under this heading. Attacking the potential customer through the most effective medium like emails, social media, advertisement, and phone calling. Major module came under this is campaign management.

Service Automation:

The name define what actually it is the way through which we make sure that the customers are getting the best attention. The quality of service is ensured so that a healthy long-term relationship be possible. And the quality is ensure by responding well and timely to need of customer fixing their problems by any medium possible phone or personal visits. In the end performance is value through key performance indicators Features of Analytical CRM are following. Gather customer’s information, grabbed from different medium and analyze data in a systematic way.

Assist company to drive business design in Sales, Marketing and help to improve customer relationship and bond

Enhance the CRM system capability and analyze key performance indicators, set by business

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM also know with another name strategic CRM. As the name suggest here all the relevant department such as sales, technical support, and marketing, exchange or share the useful information they collect from there different sources the possible reason for doing all this is to develop a sense of unity and submitting your devotion toward one main goal which is no secret, Improving the customer relationship with serving them in best manner as possible and retain them for long time and try to attract more customer in future to increase sales.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM A high quality analysis is carried out at top level by strategic management. It is in actually known as brainstorming session’s management from all departments gather and make their analysis on the current situation to make sure there direction is aligned with aim which is serving the customer in best possible way. The data use by strategic management is gather from various sources at large and check on usually on sample basis. The organization carries out all of this activity to improve the decision making and make sure how to improve their quality so that the can seduce more customers in future and keep previous in hand for longer period.

Importance of Integration

Integration of CRM with QuickBooks gives fruitful result and most of the user around globe are using this integration but point is why the integration is so important let’s have a look over the potential benefits With a click away all the quotations could be changed into sales order or invoices speeding payments. It could be really hectic for customers to wait long so there quarries be solved , by the integration of the two software organization could speedily respond customers regarding sales order, remaining balance and order status. All Data be at one place like contact information, employee calendars, important emails, important documents, order history, payment history, will all be centralized in one database. More perks for the Accounting because individual accounts could easily draw up because of a centralize data and ultimately ensure better reporting. Duplication of work will safe time customer information need not to enter twice at firstly in QuickBooks secondly at CRM software’s.

Popular CRM Software


Zoho is a cloud based CRM software solution which helps us to follow the sale variance, customer trend and behavior and keep sale procedure systemize.

quickbooks integration with zoho crm



This CRM is known for its aptitude, adjustability and state of the art design. And it has all the majority features of Zoho.

You can find apps in Intuit app store mainly developed to sync various CRMs with QuickBooks, you can find that with the help of the following link,

These are the some of the CRMs whose apps are available for the integration with QuickBooks at Intuit store,


CRM integration with QuickBooks

There is no other way to integrate a CRM with QuickBooks other than using an application or a web services, One of the mostly used CRM Platforms are Zoho and Base and here I will tell you How can you integrate your QuickBooks with both of them, as I have mentioned some applications available at intuit store for the integration of various CRM platforms you will find that there is no application available for the integration of QuickBooks with Base in Intuit app store, Here I will quote some of the third party solutions that you can use to integrate your QuickBooks with your Base and Zoho,

Integration of Base with QuickBooks

Integrate Quickbooks with Base CRM easily.

Integrate QuickBooks with Base and Zoho easily. As Zapier is one of the great third party solution provider for various platforms. (FOR BASE) (For Zoho)

There are some other possible solutions available to integrate your QuickBooks with your CRM but the above mentioned are the best on my opinion, and is highly recommended by us.