Creating and Editing Employees


Just like in any business, there will be people who you would need to assist you in doing your day to day activity, in order to ensure continuous flow of your business. Basically, you would also need to maintain a profile of your employees who work for you to compare qualifications with other employees . You can also update existing employee profiles for employees who have acquired new qualifications.

Creating an employee profile is important because it can help you analyze massive volumes of promotion-related data in real time – to help accelerate your promotion planning process and uncover new promotion opportunities. In creating an accurate employee record, you may acquire a software that basically lays out all you needed to input all these information with ease.

Depending on your version, you may go to your homepage and press the tab titled, EMPLOYEES, click on the Add Employee. If you are already working on an existing employee information and would just want to change the previously inputted information on said employee’s detail, you may go back to the Home page and press again the tab titled EMPLOYEES and then click on the Edit button. Changes on the information of an existing employee can already be processed here. Always remember to Save after each activity in order to have all information updated.

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