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Exception has been Thrown by the Target of an Invocation in QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software solution in the world. While initially designed for home users and small businesses without dedicated financial personnel to keep their books, QuickBooks has become a favourite of even dedicated accounting professionals. From its beginnings as a user-friendly software tool for DOS to the powerful yet […]

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How to Fix the Invalid Product Number Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is by far the most popular software based accounting and bookkeeping solution in the industry. It is user friendly without sacrificing the powerful features that accounting professionals love so much. QuickBooks was the software tool that first made accounting and financial management tasks easy to manage for individuals at home. And even today, for […]

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Get Started with QuickBooks: A Guide for Beginners

QuickBooks is one of the oldest of the many accounting and bookkeeping applications out there. The first version of QuickBooks came out on Microsoft’s DOS platform. Based on the Quicken platform, an earlier program designed mainly for managing personal finance and not for commercial use, QuickBooks distinguished itself from the other competing software of the […]

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Moving to QuickBooks Desktop from QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks is the most popular consumer focused software for undertaking accounting tasks and responsibilities, especially aimed at small to medium businesses. QuickBooks is developed by Intuit Software and has been hugely popular thanks to its in depth localisation facilities, ensuring that the software gives out accurate accounts that are in accordance with the country’s latest […]

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