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Why Switch to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks has long been one virtual accounting friend helping businesses function smoothly without worrying about managing their accounts. QuickBooks has always tried to create better versions of its software and has done that quite well too. As we are getting shrunk more and more by technology, QuickBooks wants its users to be in complete control […]

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QuickBooks: Choosing the Right Edition for your Business

With many small and mid-sized businesses moving to QuickBooks, Intuit offers QuickBooks for every business type, each version tailored to specific business type. Sometimes it becomes really difficult for a business to choose the right software from the gamut of editions QuickBooks has to offer. However the information below should help you make that right […]

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Features of QuickBooks Pro 2016

What does QuickBooks do? Quickbooks is a well designed software to help your business finance to stay organized. QuickBooks is the #1 widely used business automation tool used in USA by small and medium sized organisation. Most of the Small companies can use Quickbooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier for tracking items, customers information, inventory, income […]

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Restricting user access in QuickBooks

A lot of businesses rely on confidentiality of information when it comes to accessing certain accounting records. Many business owners prefer practicing discretion when it comes to the amount of information an employee using QuickBooks can access. It helps in keeping the confidentiality of some of your business records and it also gives business owners […]

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