Adding Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro 2016


QuickBooks supplies a business vehicle mileage tracker that you can use to track and tally business mileage.

You need to know both your total miles and your business miles to accurately deduct vehicle expenses on your tax return.

To add items to the Vehicle list, follow these steps:

First, Choose Lists Customer & Vendor Profile Lists then click vehicle List. QuickBooks displays the Vehicle List window. Initially, because you haven’t yet added any vehicles, the list shows no assets.

Secondly, Click the Vehicle button (bottom-left corner) and choose New from the menu that QuickBooks displays. QuickBooks displays the New Vehicle window. Then, Enter a name for the vehicle in the Vehicle text box and enter a description of the vehicle in the Description text box. Afterward, identify the vehicle by its make and maybe the year of manufacture. If you have a fleet of cars or trucks, you may want to provide more identifying information than this.

Lastly, save the vehicle description by clicking OK.

If you click the Reports button at the bottom of the Vehicle List window, QuickBooks displays a menu that lists four different vehicle mileage reports: Mileage by Vehicle Summary, Mileage by Vehicle Detail, Mileage by Job Summary, and Mileage by Job Detail.

You can access another menu of commands that produce these same reports by clicking the Mileage Reports button that appears at the top of the Enter Vehicle Mileage window.

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