Adding and Editing User Accounts in QuickBooks


Here is a video link tutorial on how to add and edit users account.

In order to let other people or members to access and work on your company file, you have to add them as users first.

You may set access permissions to share company files to another user and will set the correct level of file and folder sharing permissions and ensure that hosting is setup appropriately.

The Master Administrator is typically the person who created the QuickBooks Online company originally, and has all of the permission to access all the files. A user account may only access a certain areas except for things like credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

This feature can help you stay in control of your company files by informing you when a program makes a change that requires administrator-level permission. This works by adjusting the permission level of the user account that you are going to add. Also, an administrator may delete a user account that have added or change their permission level.

Through this feature of Quickbooks, you can manage your files and transactions be accessed by other users and maintains your privacy and security.

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