Add Bank Accounts and Credit Cards in QuickBooks


As your business grow and change, you also needed to add new bank accounts and credit card accounts. It is important that you have separate bank accounts that is for personal use and for your business, same as with your credit cards. You can manage all your bank accounts and credit card transactions conveniently and more easily through this feature in QuickBooks.

Through this video tutorial, you will learn how to link your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks. You will learn how all your bank transactions will be downloaded to the system and how the data once in the system can be use to assign or match the transactions.

QuickBooks handles a variety of your company’s financial task including generating and sending out invoices and managing your customer’s account.

You can add multiple accounts with QuickBooks, as well as credit card accounts without encountering any problems. Each of the account that you are going to add in QuickBooks will have separate transactions, thus it will prevent one account interfere into the other account. Each account is linked separately to its own banking server and all the transactions will be downloaded into QuickBooks.

Through this feature, you will keep your account and transactions accurate. Having accurate transactions means lowering your chance of an audit.

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