How to Add Additional User License in QuickBooks

Steps for Buying User Licenses for QuickBooks Pro Version

QuickBooks, one of the useful software packages, is now the most popular tool for tracking expenses and income, related to a business. However, as it is available in various versions, it offers different advantages to the corporate users. The add-ons of this software are most helpful to accomplish task of accounting or payroll. But, your business files at QuickBooks may need to be accessible to more than one user. Apart from you yourself, there are clerks and managers, who have to use the files. So, only one user license is not suitable for your business. That is why QuickBooks has offered you a chance of adding multiple licenses.

User Licenses for Different Versions of QuickBooks

QuickBooks, with multiple-user mode allows several users in dealing with the business file simultaneously. A network is maintained among all those users, and each of them has also separate license. This helps in the increase of productivity or output of a company and accuracy in the work. Your data may also stay safe as the access of every user is adjustable. For activating this mode, you have to click on File tab on the software interface. However, the question is- How many licenses should you include to your software?

  • With QuickBooks Pros, you will be able to add maximum three users
  • The Premier version allows you to have five user licenses
  • With Enterprise version, it is about thirty

The easiest way for adding multiple licenses with QuickBooks Pro

Now, if you desire adding multiple licenses for your QuickBooks software, we have presented the detailed steps-

Update QuickBooks

  • Open the main interface of QuickBooks software
  • You will find a number of menus on the top. Help menu is located at the right end. Click on it, and a list will appear on the screen.

Manage Licence in QuickBooks

  • Find the option- Manage My License from that list. Place your pointer on the option and you will get the right step- Buy Additional User License.

This will present you with two more options. You can add multiple seats-

  1. By using phone
  2. By using online platform

While you have chosen the first option for having additional user licenses, you can get a contact number in order to speak to the team of QuickBooks. A representative will help you to make a deal for using extra license.

If you’ve selected the second option, then you can reach an e-Store that allows you to have multiple licenses.

So, these are simple steps for buying more than one QuickBooks license with your Pro version. Many users like to know if they can get discount from this version. In many cases, you can have this opportunity by ordering through the sales expert. However, online order may not always provide you with the discount offer.

Why you should have multiple licenses

There are many situations, when multiple employees of your company should access the software- QuickBooks for doing particular works. For instance, you perhaps like to get a separate QuickBooks copy in order to run reports or to print out the important checks. However, your manager may also try to operate the software for entering the receipts and orders. That is why you should consider buying more user licenses for QuickBooks Pro. Our brief guide will allow you to have the licenses in easy way. Just open your software and follow our instructions.

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